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We are RoamingTails

A team of people who love Pets and share a vision of creating a better life for pets and their people.

The story

RoamingTails was inspired by my best friend and travel companion, Flipflop. When I am traveling, either down the road or across the country, Flipflop is usually by my side. Although she’s a great traveler, we’ve had some misadventures that led me to believe that there had to be a more convenient and enjoyable way of living life with her by my side.

First, it was always difficult to find places that welcome both of us…I spent countless hours searching for pet friendly restaurants and hotels, to later find out they are not pet friendly at all…not even pet “tolerable”. Also, I don’t know about your furry friend, but mine likes to explore new sights. During a long trip from DC to FL she stuck her nose somewhere it didn’t belong and broke out in a rash. I found a nearby veterinarian who immediately asked to see her medical records, which I never carried with me.

And finally, I came home one day to find a fire truck in the driveway…for some reason, other than a fire, the alarm in my house went off. Flipflop was supposed to be in the house, but there was no sign of her and all the doors to the outside were wide open.

Thankfully, I finally found Flipflop, scared as could be, hiding behind a piano…The feeling of losing something you love so much cannot be described.

RoamingTails was created to help you live life to the fullest with your best friend(s)…After all, they deserve it!

Our team

Jaime Bowerman

Chief Executive Officer

Hadim Jahate

Chief Technology Officer

Radu Sabo

Product Designer