Oohca, I mean Achoo! Reverse Sneezing in Dogs

29 December 2016

I can’t bark for the rest of you Pups out there, but sometimes I get an irritation in my nose and begin breathing a bit heavier than normal.  When this happens my Mom looks at me like I have 3 ears, so it must sound terrible.  This seems to happen to me when I get a whiff of something…Allergies is the word my Mom throws around.   Mom often massages my throat, which feels great, and sometimes she covers my nose, which I don’t particularly like, but it helps me to stop making that horrific noise.   I have some friends who had similar things happen to them, but the cause was more serious than just some cheap perfume they sniffed in.  One had some sort of infection, bronchial infection I heard, and another had some dental problems.   If this happens to any of you Pups out there, don’t be scared if your Mom looks at you like you have 3 ears, too.