Wet and Wild - Swimming Safety Tips

31 May 2017

As I was strutting though the neighborhood over Memorial Day weekend, I noticed a lot of really big water bowls…Pools, the Humans call them.  Although I prefer the beach and am not much of a water girl, many of my friends love to swim.   “Safety first” as my Mom always says when she puts on my bike helmet, so here are a few tips for all of you moms and dads out there whose best friend(s) loves to swim: 

  • Us Dogs are smart, really smart, BUT don’t assume we can all swim.  Make sure your Best Friend is comfortable in the water. 
  • Our soft ears are sensitive…Moisture in our ears can cause an ear infection.  Make sure to clean out your dog’s ears after splashing around in the water. 
  • As stated above, we are smart, BUT we do get distracted easily.  Make sure your dog knows how to the exit the pool. 
  • We get cold, too! We can suffer from hypothermia in cold water and we might be having too much fun to even notice.  If the water is way too cold for you, it might be too cold for your dog, too. 
  • Some of us love boats, too! If you are taking your Best Friend on a boat make sure to have a life jacket for him/her.  We may not love wearing them, but it’s important.