In the U.S. dogs and cats are put to death in shelters at a rate of six animals every 60 seconds.

Over 10 million pets get lost each year.

One in three pets go missing in their lifetime.

Reuniting Lost Pets With Their Owners Faster & Easier While Reducing Pet Population In Animal Shelters.

How It Works

Are you kitten me? You gotta check this out!

Open your camera (or use a QR scanner app, if you have an Android device) and hold it over the RoamingTail tag, as if you were taking a pic, and let the magic begin!

While we can’t pull a rabbit out of your phone (though that would be really cool), we can display all of your pet’s information that you would like someone to see should your pet decide to roam w/out you.

Wag more and worry less with the RoamingTail. Use code SAFER for a 15% discount.


Animal Welfare League of Arlington
The Blanket Crew
Pet Wants